1. I have not received a confirmation email. What to do?

First, check the spam folder. If there is no a confirmation email then enter your username and password in the "Sign In" window and get new letter.

2. When I get my Satoshi?

You will receive the payment every day, provided that you have reached the minimum amount for withdrawal, now it is 0.00020000 BTC. Payment is made by administrator in the random time.

3. I forgot my password, what to do?

The "Sign In" window has a link to reset your password.

4. What do I need to get a reward?

You need to register on our faucet, enter a Bitcoin address in your profile and collect Satoshi every day :)

5. Can I open multiple accounts?

Technically you can, but lover of multi-accounts and bots will blocked without payment.

6. How to contact you?

Go to contacts page.